linemaze video

Linemaze is one of the most creative puzzle games for your brain. This brain stimulating puzzle game is open to play for free. And it's a simple and fun game of all ages. With this application you can keep your brain clear whenever you want.

Try to play Linemaze fun puzzle game that will challenge your brain. Train your brain and relax with casual music in the game. The puzzle game can excite your brain. If you love playing Sudoku or 2048, you will love Linemaze!



"Wonderful game. Extremely addictive. Once you understand the trick it's fun to play. Definitely recommended."


Pro Gamer

"If you're looking for fun, simple and brain-stimulating puzzle that will make you don't want to put your phone down, Linemaze Puzzles maybe one of the best options for you."


Game Designer

"This game is really of mind .. we can't think only by luck and chance till we do not get our minds into it to win it. After completing one round, automatically u wanna to play next one.. that is the power of this game . I like it very much and became addictive somehow about it."


Game Operation Associate

"Game is fun to play. I'd say it can be addicting. It is just hard enough to keep a beginner interested. I look forward to playing at a higher level of difficulty. No bugs and Ads are reasonably spaced out and tolerable."



"I love this game! Just wanted something simple to kill time while up in the night, or before bed and this is perfect. Challenging and fun and you can just pick it up whenever and leave it again when you get busy."